Emaan & Jenny Love Story

Let’s take it back to where it all began -- that one Halloween party circa 2010. There Jenny was, rocking a red polka dot costume, quickly grabbing Emaan’s attention. They locked eyes as she somewhat timidly smiled in his direction, immediately drawing him in. It didn’t take long before these two were engaging in conversation and exchanging digits. I know what you may be thinking, “aww love at first sight and they lived happily ever after.” Well, not quite…let’s just say timing wasn’t right and for one reason or other, things did not line up for the two at that time, dating only briefly after that initial introduction.

Fast forward 4 years, where the REAL love story begins. It’s 2014 and Emaan slides into Jenny’s DMs. This simply means Emaan directly messaged Jenny via social media (Instagram to be exact) for those who may be confused by our generation’s lingo. That DM then led to few months of romance, and a date at the Stinking Rose, Which sealed the deal. When Emaan and Jenny discovered their mutual love of garlic and THAT is when they knew they were meant to be.And the rest, as they say, is history.

From the first exchange of “I love you” in Tahoe in 2015, to their first international trip together in 2017, these two only continued to grow closer, checking items of their joint bucket list. Over the next few years, Emaan and Jenny’s budding relationship continued to bloom, watered by their shared love for one another, food, family, animals, and adventures.

Now it’s January 23, 2021, and the lovely couple decides to take a road trip to the Oregon coast. Picture a deck with a breathtaking view of the ocean and two best friends. Jenny, looking out at the water, sees out of the corner of her eye Emaan down on one knee. She turned around and there he was, ring in hand, teary-eyed, explaining all the reasons he wanted her to be his wife. Jenny, shocked and overjoyed, couldn’t wait to respond - YES! YES! YES!!! Even the stormy weather that day couldn’t ruin the perfect moment that Emaan had spent several months planning.

From Emaan and Jenny – “We look forward to your attendance at our wedding and are excited to share this new chapter of our love story with you!”